Why Support #ACU108?

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#ACU108 is an ambitious fundraising campaign for African Christian University in Lusaka, Zambia.  ACU is a ground-breaking institution in south-central Africa with the potential to impact Zambia, Africa, and the World for generations to come.  

Unfortunately, as important as this work is, it is not the kind of things most Christians get excited about supporting.  However, I believe this is exactly the kind of campaign that ought to ignite our passions.  Here are five reasons why:

1) #ACU108 is an investment in the fruit and future of local church ministry in Zambia

ACU is the fruit of more than 25 years of indigenous local-church ministry by the Reformed Baptists of Zambia.  It also represents the future of the movement.  If this work is to grow, there must be an investment in training not only pastors, but Christians in every walk of life.  

2) #ACU108 is an investment in long-term solutions to long-term problems

Zambia, like much of sub-Saharan Africa, has many problems.  AIDS, poverty, under-education, and the loss of the best and brightest minds to the African diaspora 

3) #ACU108 is an investment in people AND structures

It is said that, when it comes to missions,  there are two types of donors... those who give to support people, and those who give to build structures.  #ACU108 is an opportunity to do both.  The money will put valuable missionaries on the field whose purpose will be to head up our building and student labor programs.

4) #ACU108 is an investment World Missions

What's happening right now in Zambia has the potential to impact the world. There is no doubt that a) the gospel is spreading in Asia, Africa, and South America, and b) the church is shallow and weak in these parts of the world. Syncretism, ecumenism, and word-of-faith/prosperity teaching marks much of the church as the gospel advances. The need for indigenous theological education could not be greater, and ACU can serve as a model for many.

5) #ACU108 is an investment in the Kingdom of God

An inordinate amount of the wealth in the world resides in the United States.  God has been good to us!  Nor is that something to be ashamed of.  In fact, Americans are by far the most generous people in the world.  God has not just gotten wealth to Americans, he has gotten it through them. As such, I believe there are Christians all over America looking for opportunities to invest in Kingdom work around the world.  For many, #ACU108 is just that opportunity!

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