Financial Goals

We have two distinct financial goals as we prepare for the big move. The first is an immediate goal related to the cost of the initial move. This goal includes needs like airfare (for me, my wife, and our seven youngest children), the ‘crate’ that will ship our belongings (this is the largest single need due to Zambia’s remote, land-locked location), vehicles, and other set-up costs.

Immediate Financial Goal: $123,000.00 (achieved and exceeded!)

The second goal is raise our monthly support. This need is based on cost of living in Zambia (food, fuel, rent, communications, etc.). Ironically, the cost of living in Lusaka is higher than the cost of living in Houston! This is due in large part to the expense of living in the capitol city of a land-locked, third world country.

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Monthly Support Goal: $5,000.00

As you consider these goals, please make them a matter of prayer. First, consider prayerfully whether the Lord would have you participate through giving. Also, please keep these goals in mind as you encounter individuals and churches who may have interests and resources commensurate with these goals. And stay tuned for news as to our progress in meeting our financial goals.

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