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There are many ways you can help out this cause!


Individually, we ask that you consider making ACU a part of your missions budget. We also ask that you pray and give as you are able, to Voddie and his family, to help the ACU in spreading its vision, to help fill the library with books, whichever direction God moves you.

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Involving Churches in our Efforts

There are at least three reasons we believe church-level involvement in this effort will be beneficial to local congregations. First, supporting this work will help shape the way your people think about cross-cultural ministry, and pastoral education. ACU is a church-based ministry. This effort has grown up under the watchful eye of the Reformed Baptists of Zambia. The goal of the university and the seminary is to remain faithful to, and work in service of the local church.

Second, supporting this work will help the way your people think about local church authority and supervision in cross-cultural ministry. My family and I are making this move under the leadership, authority, and sponsorship of our local church. GfBC is sending us to Zambia! They are overseeing our fundraising, our transition, and should the Lord bring us back, they will oversee our repatriation. Our hope is that this will be a picture of Hebrews 13:17 being applied to real life.

Finally, supporting this work will connect you to the incredible things God has been doing in Zambia for two and a half decades! You and your church need to know about the Reformed Baptist movement in Zambia. You need to know about the advancement of the gospel in that part of the world. It will be an incredible encouragement to you.

Our goal is to have churches involved through regular monthly support. We simply ask that you prayerfully consider adding VBM/ACU to your monthly missions budget. You will receive regular updates, prayer requests, and an invitation to be our special guest at the annual Reformed Conference in Lusaka which takes place the last week of August each year.

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If you are an organization, or have influence in one, that may be interested in supporting VBM and/or ACU, we encourage you to consider making a significant one-time investment. If you are attempting to determine what projects are worthy of your focus and attention, we ask you to consider the work being done by the ACU.

Representatives of interested organizations should contact GfBC toll free at (877) 651-8814.

**And remember, all tax-deductible donations and contributions will flow through the Grace Family Baptist Church and/or ACU.

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